Deliver a personalized mall experience with online-style analytics

A customer analytics and engagement solution for your Mall

Guest WiFi

  • Create a custom Guest WiFi login screen with your Mall's brand, using our easy drag and drop editor
  • Cross-promote your other properties or services on the custom log-in screen

Advanced Analytics

  • Footfall analytics
  • Cross-store visit analytics
  • Deep shopper insights

Indoor Wayfinding

  • Real-time indoor positioning accurate upto 1 meter
  • Turn by turn navigation to stores, PoI or in-mall events
  • Wheelchair access routes

Smart Signage

  • Set up easy-to-update and interactive digital signage
  • Control ads based on time of day, season or screen location
  • Gain an additional revenue stream

Shoppers who agree that in-store experience was still superior to online/mobile shopping

Shoppers who use smartphones in stores while shopping for price comparison (54%), looking up product info (48%) or searching for coupons(40%)

Source: SessionM, 2015


Enable shoppers to find their friends and family from a mobile app

Find lost kids (along with wearables BLE bracelets, RFID tags or carry a phone)

Enable find me or find peers for meet and greet

Drive shoppers to your mall by sharing viral content

Drive them to the right shop/event venue at the right time

Alert your customers within minutes in case of an emergency evacuation

Create and launch your mall's loyalty program, or integrate with your existing one

Re-activate dormant customers

Launch your own Hotel app or integrate advanced Agreefy features in your existing app

Offer exclusive app discounts, reward loyal customers

Pamper your guests with a personalized offers

  • Custom Splash Pages

  • Feedback Surveys

  • NPS Surveys

  • Smartphone Notifications

  • Email Marketing

  • SMS Marketing

  • Measure Campaign Effectiveness

  • Automated Reports

  • Social Wifi

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