Curate an exclusive hotel experience for your guests

A powerful Customer Engagement Solution for your Hotel

Location-based personalization

  • Enable Guest Conceirge to offer a highly personalized experience, equipped with location data on guests' most visited places and preferences
  • Send messages on upsell, complementary services, loyalty reward offers based on guests' location in your property

Guest WiFi

  • Create a custom Guest WiFi login screen with your hotel's brand, using our easy-to-use drag and drop editor
  • Cross-promote your other properties or services on the custom login screen

Create a 360 View of the Customer

  • Collect comprehensive customer data - time of visit, visit pattern, duration spent, demographics, feedback, reviews and social media listening
  • Gain deep insights on guest behavior/preferences and leverage this to increase RoI

Footfall Analytics

  • Determine hotel facilities that are most used and under-utilized
  • Schedule staff accordingly for busy and quiet areas/periods
  • Queue and Service time optimization

Guests who reported they had a better experience when working with hotel associates using latest technology

Guests who are willing to share personal information in exchage for tailored promotions, coupons, priority service or loyalty points

Guests who have connected their mobile device to hotel WiFi

Source: 2017 Survey by Zebra Technologies, Oracle Hospitality


Engage actively with customers via multi-channel marketing campaigns

Email, SMS, Smartphone notifications, Social WiFi, Coupon management and more

Create and launch your hotel's loyalty program, or integrate with your existing one

Re-activate dormant customers

Cross-location analytics

Encourage guests to connect with your brand on social networks during WiFi login and boost your social media presence

Generate positive online reviews on TripAdvisor, Yelp and Facebook by nudging happy customers to leave reviews

Launch your own Hotel app or integrate advanced Agreefy features in your existing app

Offer exclusive app discounts, reward loyal customers

Pamper your guests with a personalized stay experience

  • Custom Splash Pages

  • Feedback Surveys

  • NPS Surveys

  • Email Marketing

  • Smartphone Notifications

  • SMS Marketing

  • Automated Reports

  • Social WiFi

  • Measure Campaign Effectiveness

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