Raise patient care standards with one comprehensive solution

Location-based services for hospitals

A Comprehensive Patient Management Solution for hospitals based on multiple wireless technologies

Asset tracking and Equipment Utilization

  • Enable higher equipment utilization and reduce wait times
  • Schedule maintenance and calibration
  • Quickly locate assets in an emergency
  • Get alerts on Zone/Geo-fence breaches

Security Solutions for vulnerable patients

  • Protection against duress, elopement and abduction
  • Real-time tracking of patients and staff
  • Real-time zone-breach alerts
  • Infant security

Hospital Wayfinding and Navigation

  • Navigate to departments using step-by-step directions and route preview
  • Real-time indoor positioning accurate upto 1 meter
  • Wheelchair access routes
  • Off-route alerts and recalculation

Deliver a superior patient experience

  • Provide an assisted process flow with notifications and navigation. For eg. after consultation, go to lab, then to pharmacy
  • Reduce wait times,learn free/busy hours and appointment system
  • Get notifications and reminders of appointments

Hospitals that are making significant investments in smartphones and secure mobile communications platforms

Hospitals that are developing mobile strategies to address collaboration and computing requirements of clinical professionals across medical departments

Hospitals that are identifying RoI models to justify mobile investments


Real-time tracking of patients and staff

Protection against duress, elopement and abduction

Real-time zone-breach alerts

Infant security

Send notification directly to every healthcare worker's smartphone, in times of emergencies like natural calamities or threats

Create a first line of defense for patients, by allowing them to hit a panic button on their smartphone to call for help from hospital security

Immediately transmit profile information and location of patient in trouble

  • Tips and suggestions to patients

  • Digital wellness boards

  • Personalized Messaging

  • Proximity Messaging

  • NPS

  • Feedback Surveys

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