Personalize education by leveraging Campus Wifi and other smart tech

A comprehensive student engagement platform for University campuses

Automated attendance

  • Track student attendance and leaves
  • Schedule future classes accordingly

Student Notifications

  • Set automated notifications
  • 5 minute buzzing for class start
  • Broadcast exam and timetabling information

Campus Wayfinding and Navigation

  • Turn-by-turn directions to in-campus destinations
  • Provide route from current location

People Finding

  • Find students in emergency situations
  • Track campus assets in real-time
  • Analyse movement and optimize utilization

Behavioural Analytics

  • Understand most and least used areas/facilities
  • Build predictive models on usage of facilities
  • Identify at risk students earlier

Number of times students check their mobile phones

Students who are willing to use their phone more often for various class activities

Students who are willing to use their phone more often for answering in-class polls


Send alerts directly to every student's smartphone, in times of emergencies like natural calamities and campus threats

Enable students to hit a panic button on their smartphone, to alert in-campus security

Promote campus events via multi-channel marketing campaigns - Email, SMS, Smartphone notifications and Social media

Launch your own branded university app or integrate advanced advanced Agreefy features in your existing app

  • Facility Usage Tracking

  • Feedback Surveys

  • NPS Surveys

  • Emails

  • Smartphone Notifications

  • SMS

  • Automated Reports

  • Crowd Management

  • Connected Infrastructure

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